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Electric Or Gas Service

Our technicians are trained and certified to work on all stoves, cooktops, wall ovens and counter top burners of all brands on electric or gas listed below.
Preventive Maintenance Our technicians will perform and teach basic to advanced preventive maintenance on your appliances. We provide service at your home or business for your residential-grade stoves, ovens or cooktops. For more information please call 438-700-9164.

Common problems

Oven not heating

Do you have guests coming over for promised baked goods or a nice turkey meal but your oven has just stopped working. Our trained technicians can figure out and solve any problem quickly and effectively, call us today for more information.

Elements not working

Ready to have your morning coffee and eggs but your elements are not working at all or you are being completely annoyed because 3 out of 4 have died on you. Our technicians can figure out your problem and have it resolved quickly, give us a call or email us today to book an appointment.

Self cleaning function not working

What’s the point of having a self-cleaning option on an oven that doesn’t self-clean? If you’re tired of awkwardly scrubbing the inside of a cramped metal box, call Flash Repair and ask for an appointment. Get your appliance running properly today, and don’t be forced to scrub!

Elements won't turn off

If your stove or oven elements won’t turn off, you are right to be concerned. Losing direct control over something that generates that much heat is completely unsafe as it creates a large risk for injury, damage to the appliance, or even fire. While you can always unplug the stove or use the circuit breaker to ensure that it is off when not in use, there is a huge potential for accidents. Don’t risk waiting, call 438-700-9164 to have an expert solve this problem ASAP.

F1 and other error codes

When it comes to household appliances, nothing is more disturbing than a supposedly operational machine suddenly refusing to work while silently communicating a mysterious error code. Fortunately, our technicians are familiar with this archaic form of communication and can proceed from there with a full diagnostic, giving you the answers you need, and an estimate for the repair cost. While many of these problems will go away temporarily if you unplug and replug your appliance, this is only ever a temporary fix. Don’t risk having your stove fail on you at the worst time, call Flash Repair and see what we can do for you!

Brands we
Repair and Install

North American brands
European brands.

Repair Pricing


  • All appliances will be inspected for any damages before worked on. Once the machine is repaired they will run a performance test to verify that everything is in working order.

  • Please advise the office for any complications before requesting an appointment.

  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Laundry Center
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove (Counter Top, Cook Top, Range, Wall Oven)
  • Washer (Frontloads & Toploads)

Services Included

  • All Technicians are properly trained and certified to work on your appliances with the proper tools.

  • Travel displacement is included in the price below.

  • The diagnostic includes a full inspection of all the machines functions and electronic testing of individual components where applicable.
  • We carry all of the standard parts to increase the chance of first-time completions.

  • We perform Maintenance on your machine during the repair work to ensure it has a longer life cycle and works as well as when you first bought it.


  • If the technician encounters an issue that does not allow him to complete or access the job, an additional fee will be added.

  • Parts and accessories needed to complete the job will be added to the bill.

  • All gas related appliances will have an extra fee, please call and ask for prices on any gas appliances.

Additional Technicians

  • You have the option to have someone help, or we will send a second technician for jobs that require it.

  • Additional fees will be included if we must send a second technician.
    (ex: Services that require lifting of appliances.)

1 Year Guarantee

We guarantee the work done on the machine and any parts used. The Guarantee does not include any damage that has been done by the user. The machines will be tested with the customer present to insure everything is in working order.

Service Call +
$85 Inspection of first appliance.

$50 Each additional appliance inspection.

$65+PARTS Average cost. All repairs include maintanance.

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