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They've fixed our washing machine and were very reasonable. When it comes to repairs they could totally take you for a ride so it's nice to know there are honest dudes out there. A+

Erin P.

When I called they were very friendly and informative, and very upfront about the price, unlike some other places that said "we won't know how much it will cost until we get there." Furthermore, when the repairman arrived he was very polite and professional and even gave me a lot of suggestions for better maintenance and upkeep of my washer and dryer. He had all the parts needed to repair my dryer so it was fixed quickly in the same day! I highly recommend their service! Before you think about throwing out or replacing an old appliance you should give these guys a call! They'll definitely make it worth your while!

Ross Srey

Ivo did a wonderful job. He was prompt, professional, and trustworthy. He was very transparent and direct about the possible issues with our fridge and the costs involved. He then was able to figure out what was the problem. He did not waste time. And because of his service we will be getting further support from him in adapting our washing machine to function in the kitchen.

Jonathan Varghese

They have been very attentive to our repair needs. They are quick to respond; if they are not available on phone, leave an email in their contact sheet. They will respond. The technicians are kind and patient able to repair and install my appliances well.

Heidi Hoffman

While going a diagnostic on my washing machine, the technician did a maintainance of my other appliances. The dishwasher was checked and the filters cleaned and the sprayer arms inspected. The fridge was new so the cleaning of the back was explained and should be done every year. The dryer was also cleaned down inside the lint trap area. All these efforts were truly appreciated. Thanks Flash Repair Montreal!!!

Murray Bailey

Very happy with doing business with this company. Technicians are friendly and patient. Vibration problem was fixed and root cause was identified by them.

Guang Zhou

A real person answered the phone. I got all the answers I needed and they had the most affordable estimate price. Will absolutely be calling them for my next repair.

Kate Fellerath

Great service! Friendly staff, on time, and professional. Plan to call again for any appliances I have that need fixing. I highly recommend this company.

Karina Bertrand

Very polite, good work. They searched for the problem and fixed it . I'll recommend them to everybody. Thank you from Mr. And Mrs. Vivino

Vincenzo Vivino

Had a problem with my dryer Monday.. called Flash repair and today ( Tuesday ) it was running again within the hour... great service from beginning to end .. will call for future problems with appliances

Emi P

Our washing machine wasn't draining so we called Réparation Flash Repair. It was only a simple matter of cleaning some gunk off the outside of the water pump and it was fixed in a few seconds. I have no idea how to fix appliances, so the technician could have told me anything and I would have believed him and paid whatever price he quoted. Instead, he didn't charge us a thing because it was nothing basically, and we are repeat customers. Honesty like this is hard to find these days! Awesome service!

Garrett Dougherty

Flash Repair is great! My dishwasher was leaking, and they found the problem and repaired it. They are efficient, reliable, courteous and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this company for appliance repair.

Katharine Streip

Great technicians, clean cut, didn't make a mess and were very respectful. Came to see about our dryer and knew right away the motor needed to be replaced but we kind of knew that since it sounded like a dying cat. After they got the parts delivered, they fixed it in about an hour. Gave us some good tips on maintenance as well. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Carl Thomas

Thanks Flash Repair. Timing, availability and quality of service are remarkable features to trust your service. I highly recommend it!

German COY

My dryer wouldn't start, and it was some dumb fusebox problem, but Flash called me back Monday morning, came when they said they would, were extremely polite, didn't laugh at my lack of knowledge about fuseboxes, complimented my dog, and didn't charge me an insane amount for what was quality work in diagnosing the problem and examining both my machines.

Geneviève Grey

Great experience. Fixed my dishwasher.

Jean-Sebastien Siow

Returned my call within half hour (amazing). I was shocked when he asked me to do a test on the phone before even taking my address or any form of payment. Came next day, very professional, did only what needed to be done. Quick, showed me why was wrong, fixed it on the spot. Then he even did a maint. Check with me and showed me what I needed to do to keep the machine in good working order. Couldn't ask for better service, strongly recommend!!!!

Ben Draimin

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