About Flash Repair

Flash Repair was founded in 2012 by a single experienced technician, and since then we have been continuously growing into the family-owned business we are today, servicing home appliances all over the island of Montreal and beyond. At Flash, you will always receive an honest and objective opinion when diagnosing your machine because what’s best for you is best for us.

Why Choose Us

Our Customer Service

When you call, we check our automated system right away if you are a previous customer, if you are a new customer, WELCOME! We treat all our customers equally and with respect. Our customer service, like all other divisions of our business, is exceptional. Call us today to give us a try.

How Our System Works

Our automated system keeps us up to date on everything using customer and job details that will never get lost. Our system is built to our needs so that everything runs smoothly. We also have control over where the techs are all the time with our GPS tracking system to keep you up to date on when they will arrive.

Our Technicians

All of our technicians have been trained to work on your appliances. Many of them have background training in either electricity or mechanics from the previous schooling. They have all completed our entrance exam to certify them as “Flash Technicians.” We continuously keep our technicians up to date for any new models in the industry and remind them of the core value of customer service.

Tools & Equipment

All of our technicians have been given all the tools necessary to complete every job effectively, and carry all the standard parts to increase the chance to repair the situation on the first visit. (If a more complicated part is needed, we have our reliable suppliers ready at hand.)

Tech Support

If our technicians get stuck, they have the option of contacting our vast network of support through the office, our tech line, and our records of previous appliance symptoms. With these three core features, we will ensure the correct inspection all the time.

Our Guarantee

Any parts installed by our technicians come with a one-year guarantee, ensuring that you are protected against defective parts.

Go Green

Here at Flash, we speak to our customers and value their opinion. We are continuously growing, and for any constructive criticism, we encourage you to email us directly. We can use your feedback to provide an even better service; not only are we affordable, green, and professional, but also because we have a positive attitude in getting things done right and honestly.

Our Reviews

Here at Flash, we speak to our customers and value your opinion, we are continuously growing, for any constructive criticism we encourage you to email us directly that way we can solve it together. You can help spread our name, because not only are we affordable, green, and professional but also because we have a positive attitude in getting things done.

Work For Us

As a growing company, we are always on the lookout for valuable new additions to our team, either in administration or as a technician for repairs or installations. Contact us for more information!
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We service Montreal, Laval, West Island, South Shore.