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Bosch Appliance Repair Montreal

Specialized inhome Repair and Installation of Bosch appliance products.

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About Bosch

Bosch is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide.

Today, BSH operates 42 factories in 13 countries in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia.

The BSH product range covers a wide spectrum. It includes large home appliances for cooking, dishwashing, laundry (washing and drying), refrigeration and freezing, as well as a multitude of small appliances.

Updated - February 2015

Our Bosch Service

A professional Bosch service technician will visit your home to diagnose your Bosch appliance. Our specialists carry Bosch parts to insure the job will get done quickly. They will verify your appliance and repair the problem as soon as possible with a one year guarantee. The qualified technician will test your appliance again before Leaving. To ensure quality service, the technician will answer any questions and suggest the best preventive maintenance plan for your appliances.

Bosch Error Codes

Welcome to our resourceful Bosch error codes section. Our technicians use these Bosch error codes, these codes may not be the answer but with electrical and mechanical competency it helps save time by knowing where to start the diagnosis.

Bosch Dishwasher

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
E1 Heating problem Heater, Flow switch or broken connection
E2 Temperature sensor defective Temperature sensor, wires or control board
E3 Not filling Water inlet valve or control board
E4 Water switch defective Water switch or connection

Bosch Dryer

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
E:01 Overheating Thermostats, control board or general maintenance
E:03 Maximum drying time exceeded The maximum drying time is 4 hours. Heating system parts
E:11 Thermostats, control board or general maintenance Do something
E:12 Overheating Thermostats, control board or general maintenance
E:13 Maximum drying time exceeded Heating system parts
E:17 Lint screen temperature sensor error Wire harness on the lint screen temperature sensor, temperature sensor.
E:18 Heater temperature sensor error Wire harness, Heater, temperature sensor
E:20 Defective control module Wires or Control board
E:26 Defective control module Wires or Control board

Bosch Fridge

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
E01 Refrigerator compartment temperature sensor is defective temperature sensor, Wire harness
E02 Freezer compartment temperature sensor is defective temperature sensor, Wire harness
E03 Temperature-controlled drawer temperature sensor is defective drawer temperature sensor, Wire harness
E10 Main control board module is defective Main control board module
E11 Display control module is defective Display control module
E15 Ambient temperature sensor is defective Display control module
E20 Communication error between the main control board module and the display control module Main control board module, Display control module, Wire harness
E21 Communication error between display control module and the ice and water dispenser control module Display control module, Ice and water dispenser control module, Wire harness

Bosch Stove

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
F31 Oven temperature sensor defective temperature sensor, control board, wire harness
F33 Warming drawer temperature sensor defective temperature sensor, wire harness
F41 Oven door latch won't lock Door latch, door sensor, control board
45 Oven door latch switches defective wire harness, control board, switches

Bosch Washer

Fault Code Condition/Description Solution
L Lid lock Failure Replace switch, linkage, lock solenoid or control board.
U Unbalanced load Unbalance switch or control board
1E Lid lock Failure Replace lid lock switch or control board.

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