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Refrigerator Repair Service

Our technicians are trained and certified to work on all types of fridges and freezers of all brands listed below.
Preventive Maintenance A little bit of prevention goes a very long way to extending the life of any appliance and its components. A fridge is no exception to this, and in fact tends to benefit more because unlike other appliances, your fridge runs day and night! Our technicians will perform and demonstrate basic to advanced maintenance and care for your fridge or freezer, allowing you to learn how to get the most out of your appliance. Call us at 438-700-9164 for more information!

Common Problems

Refrigerator leaking water

A leaky fridge is an unhealthy fridge, and can make a mess out of even the tidiest kitchen. Even though it may not be visible underneath or behind the fridge, a small water leak in that area creates excellent conditions for mold and bacteria growth due to the perfect combination of seclusion, heat from the appliance, and traces of food from inside the refrigerator. Fortunately our technicians know just where to look to keep your fridge running in a healthy way, for you and your appliance. Call us today to get that leak resolved.

Refrigerator Freezes Food

Tired of having your tomatoes ruined by a fridge that seems to wish it was a freezer? While this problem seems like more of an annoyance than an actual technical problem, it could be the first step in failing or faulty electronic components within the appliance. Don’t wait until something stops working completely, give us a call so you can go back to enjoying your food as it’s meant to be: Fresh, not frozen.

Refrigerator not cool, but freezer work

freezer section running just fine but it’s staying warm inside your refrigerator section? While it may seem at first like the sealed gas system of the fridge is failing or leaking (Don’t worry even if it is. Dangerous Freon gas has been phased out for years in favour of much safer alternatives.) that is actually the least likely problem. The vast majority of the time, this issue can be traced back to a simple electrical or mechanical defect; both of which can be rectified in no time by our skilled technicians.

Refrigerator's light doesn't work and the compressor doesn't run

So you came down to the kitchen and the fridge appears to be completely lifeless. No lights, you can tell it’s not running and for all intents and purposes, it seems to be dead. Fortunately for you though, there’s still something you can do. Call us, and we’ll send a technician to find out what’s really going on with your machine, which is likely just a minor electrical problem that can be easily fixed by the experts.

Freezer and Refrigerator not working

Everybody knows how much panic it can cause in a household if you have just bought groceries and your fridge completely stopped working. Our technicians at flash repair can assist you quickly and professionally before you lose all your food. If you need an emergency appointment, call us today to book an appointment.

Refrigerator making a clicking noise

Second only to a leaky faucet, the clicking fridge is an incredibly annoying thing to have in your kitchen. Unlike the tap though, the clicking in your refrigerator is a sign that something important (and expensive) is overheating, and should definitely be looked at before the problem gets costly. Don’t delay in asking us to send you a technician to solve this problem before it gets worse, because there’s nothing more vexing than costly repairs.

Brands we
Repair and Install

North American brands
European brands.

Repair Pricing


  • All appliances will be inspected for any damages before worked on. Once the machine is repaired they will run a performance test to verify that everything is in working order.

  • Please advise the office for any complications before requesting an appointment.

  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Laundry Center
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove (Counter Top, Cook Top, Range, Wall Oven)
  • Washer (Frontloads & Toploads)

Services Included

  • All Technicians are properly trained and certified to work on your appliances with the proper tools.

  • Travel displacement is included in the price below.

  • The diagnostic includes a full inspection of all the machines functions and electronic testing of individual components where applicable.
  • We carry all of the standard parts to increase the chance of first-time completions.

  • We perform Maintenance on your machine during the repair work to ensure it has a longer life cycle and works as well as when you first bought it.


  • If the technician encounters an issue that does not allow him to complete or access the job, an additional fee will be added.

  • Parts and accessories needed to complete the job will be added to the bill.

Additional Technicians

  • You have the option to have someone help, or we will send a second technician for jobs that require it.

  • Additional fees will be included if we must send a second technician.
    (ex: Services that require lifting of appliances.)

1 Year Guarantee

We guarantee the work done on the machine and any parts used. The Guarantee does not include any damage that has been done by the user. The machines will be tested with the customer present to insure everything is in working order.

Service Call +
$85 Inspection of first appliance.

$50 Each additional appliance inspection.

$65+PARTS Average cost. All repairs include maintanance.

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