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Appliance Installation Service

We install washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, dishwashers for all institutions.
Preventive Maintenance Our technicians will perform and teach basic to advanced preventive maintenance and care for your appliances. We provide service at your home or office for your residential or commercial washers. For More information call 514-400-4521

Institutions we work with

Air BnB

When you’ve got paying customers who need access to the basic amenities supplied by large household appliances, you can’t afford to wait until something goes wrong. Call 514-400-4521 and ask us about our preventative maintenance program!


Towels and similar items are very hard on washers and dryers alike, but the lifespan of any appliance can be significantly extended with regular professional maintenance. Contact us now at Flash Repair by e-mail, phone, or text and ask about our multi-machine maintenance pricing!

Hair Salons

You might expect washers and/or dryers that see a lot of use to require more maintenance or break down more frequently, and you’d be right. What you may not know however, is that appliances that encounter a lot of fibrous materials like hair are under considerably more stress than their standard household equivalents. Despite that, it is usually worth it to repair an appliance rather than replace it, and preemptive maintenance is always cheaper and sometimes more effective than a repair. Call us at 514-400-4521 for pricing and service information!


If you as a landlord are responsible for the appliances of your rental units then we can help you keep your tenants satisfied. At Flash Repair we have done business with and continue to serve many renters throughout the Greater Montreal Area. If you have an appliance that needs work or would simply like inquire about our services or pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us be e-mail, phone, or text message.


As a laundromat owner, your business depends on having a high volume of machines at the disposal of your customers. Don’t risk losing clients due to common appliance malfunctions, call Flash Repair and ask about our multi-machine maintenance pricing!


Communal lunchroom appliances tend to be treated poorly by those who don’t own them and on top of that, they see considerably more use than most home appliances. With that sort of treatment you may end up paying for multiple expensive repairs or replacing a machine long before it needs to be, but there is an alternative. Call or email Flash Repair and we will send you our skilled, professional technicians to perform any repairs you may need and, more importantly, the maintenance your appliances need to avoid future repairs.

Property management

At Flash Repair we do business with a number of large apartment complexes, both privately owned and corporate. Our technicians and office support excel at the efficient, professional service required for jobs of this nature. If you or your company would like a price quote for maintenance, installation or repair on one or more machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Retirement homes

At Flash Repair we offer the professional service, flexible scheduling, and reasonable pricing needed to keep your business moving smoothly, keeping your residents comfortable. Contact us by email or phone for more information on rates and services.


At Flash Repair we offer the flexible scheduling and speedy service needed to fit in an appointment at any educational institution, as we have done on various occasions before. Call now for more information!


Thick, fluffy towels are a wonderful thing to have in a spa, but they make for perhaps the hardest load on any washer or dryer. Fortunately, with the maintenance and care performed by our experienced technicians, the operational life of your appliances can be extended very significantly. If you need a visit for a repair, don’t forget to ask about the maintenance program for your other machines!


At Flash Repair we offer professional, reliable service for any job covered by warranty. Our experienced staff will ensure that every effort is made to get your clients’ appliances operational again as soon as possible. Call or email us through the ‘Contact’ section above for more information.

Other institutions

Other institutions are also welcomed to work with us, for example we have worked with large companies like Cirque du Soliel and smaller companies like Davids Tea, to even small entrepreneurs.

Brands we
Repair and Install

North American brands
European brands.

Repair Pricing


Dishwasher, Dryer, Guarborator, Hood Fan, Laundry Center, Wall Oven, Refrigerator, Stove (Counter Top), Washer (Frontload), Washer (Topload).

Services Included

All Technicians are properly trained and certified to work on your appliances with the proper tools.


All uninstallations of old appliances, brands, and any tight spaces to work in might have an extra fee, please advise the office with your model number and any complications before requesting an appointment.

Additional Technicians

Number of Techs needed to complete the job. You may supply the second person as a helper to reduce costs. The price to send a second tech is 50$/visit.

1 Year Guarantee

We guarantee the work done on the machine and any parts used. The Guarantee does not include any damage that has been done by the user. The machines will be tested with the customer present to insure everything is in working order.

$85 Inspection of first appliance.
$50 Each additional appliance inspection.
$65+PARTS Average cost. All repairs include maintanance.

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