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Multiple Machine Installation Service

Multiple Machine installation can be tricky, because not only is this a machine that can potentially cause a lot of water damage if installed incorrectly, but every home requires a unique setup. Fortunately our technicians are prepared for any eventuality when it comes time to prepare your new appliance to serve you in the best way possible.
Preventive Maintenance Multiple Machines see a lot of use and typically more grease and debris than other appliances, which means they need regular maintenance in order to function properly. Our technicians have a lot of experience in keeping dishwashers of all types in good working order, so why not benefit from their knowledge? Call us at 514-400-4521 and we can send you technician to inspect and clean your dishwasher, then teach you to do the same for the future!

Common problems

Dishwasher not working at all

When your dishwasher won’t even start, it generally doesn’t seem like a big deal; after all, hand wash is not the end of the world. Unfortunately, dishes are a bit like taxes: you can ignore them for a while, but eventually you turn around one day and you’re in danger of being buried. So rather than risk falling behind, call us and let one of our trained technicians figure out the problem with your dishwasher and keep you ahead! For the taxes, we recommend a good accountant.

Dishes not dry when the dishwasher finishes

You’d never believe how much water can apparently be contained in even the smallest concave surface on the bottom of a coffee mug, at least not until your dishwasher fails to dry items as it should. If you’ve had enough of dumping water everywhere when all you wanted was your morning coffee, give us a call and we’ll have your dishwasher working as it should in no time.

No water entering the dishwasher

What good is a washer that has no water? This is no riddle, just a question asked by frustrated people everywhere as their appliance fails to achieve it’s only real purpose: spraying water on things. So what do you do to fix this? Step 1: call 514-400-4521 and ask us to send one of our experts to solve this problem. Step 2: relax, and enjoy the sound of your dishwasher doing the work for you!

Dishwasher making noise

There’s nothing quite like faintly hearing your dishwasher running in the other room; the sound of your appliance doing the work for you is a wonderful thing. Just like with a car though, that blissful state can be interrupted with the discovery of a strange noise. Whether it’s grinding, rattling, or just generally louder than it used to be, your dishwasher should definitely be inspected to ensure that whatever the cause is, it does not get worse. Call 514-400-4521 and ask about our dishwasher maintenance program!

Dishwasher Overflowing

Any machine that mixes water and electrical current needs to be taken seriously, and if your dishwasher is leaking water that could be an accident waiting to happen. Call Flash Repair now and ask for one of our skilled technicians to have this problem solved before it causes damage to you or your home!

Pool of water and not draining

So, you’ve noticed that there is always a pool of water left behind in the bottom of your dishwasher. Standing water always starts to smell funny, and when you add traces of food oils and particulates that turns into a recipe for mold and bacterial growth, which nobody wants in near their dishes, or in their kitchen at all. Fortunately, this is perhaps the most common of all problems that afflict dishwashers so our technicians are very experienced in dealing with it. Call us for an appointment and once your appliance is operational our expert technician will explain to you how you can prevent this problem in the future.

Dishwasher not cleaning properly

There is very little so off-putting as finding crusty old food or soap scum stuck to a just-cleaned item fresh from the dishwasher, or worse, at the bottom of a glass that you’ve just been drinking from. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this issue is normal or ‘just the way my dishwasher works.’ If your appliance is starting to leave debris behind consistently it’s a warning sign that some very important parts are becoming blocked, and the manner of things we find blocking dishwasher operation would surprise you. Don’t put off important maintenance and care until something expensive burns out for no reason, call 514-400-4521 and ask about our maintenance program!

Brands we
Repair and Install

North American brands
European brands.

Repair Pricing


Dishwasher, Dryer, Guarborator, Hood Fan, Laundry Center, Wall Oven, Refrigerator, Stove (Counter Top), Washer (Frontload), Washer (Topload).

Services Included

All Technicians are properly trained and certified to work on your appliances with the proper tools.


All uninstallations of old appliances, brands, and any tight spaces to work in might have an extra fee, please advise the office with your model number and any complications before requesting an appointment.

Additional Technicians

Number of Techs needed to complete the job. You may supply the second person as a helper to reduce costs. The price to send a second tech is 50$/visit.

1 Year Guarantee

We guarantee the work done on the machine and any parts used. The Guarantee does not include any damage that has been done by the user. The machines will be tested with the customer present to insure everything is in working order.

$85 Inspection of first appliance.
$50 Each additional appliance inspection.
$65+PARTS Average cost. All repairs include maintanance.

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